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Secure, Remote Access to Near-Real Time Patient Waveforms


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Problem: Clinicians need to make decisions about patient care, even when they are not at the bedside.

Solution: AirStrip Patient Monitoring makes it easy for clinicians to monitor patient status via on-demand access from mobile devices and the web. Clinicians can view near real-time monitor tracings, hemodynamic status, and vital signs.

Impact: Allows clinicians to access clinical data anytime, anywhere and improve care collaboration.

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Share Critical Clinical Data Securely

• AirStrip Patient Monitoring enables the care team to access the patient even when not at the bedside.

Anytime, anywhere access to waveform and vitals data with clinical context facilitates timelier remote consultation and improves access to specialists.

• AirStrip Patient Monitoring supports consultative visual assessment that enforces chain-of-command procedures when providers disagree on patient assessments or treatment plans.

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