Multi-Patient Monitoring

View Clinical Data for Multiple Patients on One Screen.


See How Multi-Patient Monitoring Works

Problem: Clinicians need insight into the patient census on one screen to easily identify patients who require intervention.

Impact: Quickly see patient status and easily identify the highest priority patients based on clinical indicators. Hospitals can configure Multi-Patient View to see the patients they want to view versus a central view showing specific beds.

Solution: Get a birds-eye view of up to forty patients on a single screen with the ability to group and sort by various criteria. Users can select an individual patient to see that patient’s data.  A 45" or larger monitor is required to view patient data for forty patients on a single screen.

Check out AirStrip Patient Monitoring

Multi-Patient View Benefit Breakdown

  • Monitor multiple patients simultaneously to easily identify patients who need intervention.
  • Drill down to view patient-specific data.
  • Access patient vitals from any hospital PC, WOW, or Smartphone.
  • Visual alerts identify patients who may be at risk.

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