12-Lead ECG Surveillance

View, edit and confirm diagnostic-quality 12-lead ECGs.


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Problem: Delayed access to 12-Lead ECGS in the EMR can delay clinical decision-making. Typically, 12-lead ECGs are only available in the EMR once a cardiologist reads and confirms the 12-Lead ECG. This can lead to delays in the availability of results.

Solution: AirStrip Cardiology provides near real-time access to 12-Lead ECGs on mobile devices and the web. The edit/confirm function allows cardiologists to render final interpretations of 12-Lead ECGs and send back to the ECG management system.

Impact: Digitizing the 12-Lead ECG process provides virtual access to 12-lead ECGs from anywhere, enabling near real-time and secure distribution of 12-Lead ECGs to the clinical team.

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Track the Status of 12-Lead ECGs

AirStrip Cardiology provides a web-based dashboard that enables clinicians to track the status of 12-Lead acquisitions and ECG notifications.

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