AirStrip® Cardiology

Say Goodbye to Time Delays and Say Hello to AirStrip Cardiology


Clinicians can view, edit, and confirm diagnostic-quality 12-lead ECGs right from mobile devices.

In an emergency, seconds matter. By providing access to ECGs on mobile devices and the web, hospitals can create a virtual bedside, enabling near real-time and secure distribution of 12-Lead ECGs to the clinical team. AirStrip Cardiology helps providers make fast and accurate treatment decisions from wherever they are.

The Clinical Notification

Providers receive a STEMI push notification with a unique sound indicating critical ECGs for easy identification of emergency situations. Users can view the alert with just a few clicks with biometric authentication in a secure environment. AirStrip Cardiology is HIPAA compliant and patient information can only be accessed inside the hospital’s network by users approved by the hospital.

The View

Providers can view 12-Lead ECGs, isolate leads, pinch and zoom, scroll, tap to enlarge, and compare to historical ECGs.

The Action

Providers can edit, render a final interpretation, communicate next steps and send to the ECG management system.

The Tracking

Staff can see which physicians are logged into AirStrip Cardiology and the time from STEMI notification to the viewing of the ECG.

The Result

Providers can improve response times, accelerate catheter lab activation, and speed up door-to-balloon time.

Why AirStrip Cardiology?


Reduce the wait time for patients requiring ECGs


Save time for staff who no longer spend time searching for a physician to review ECGs


Decrease irreconcilable or lost ECGs due to manual data entry errors


Improve care team collaboration in critical situations when every second counts


Accelerate door to balloon time


Decrease false catheter lab activations

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