AirStrip® Patient Monitoring

Visibility into clinical data for near real-time viewing of waveforms, patient demographics, and alarm/event history.​


Central Monitoring Units need near real-time data aggregated from disparate sources to monitor patients effectively and efficiently.

With AirStrip Patient Monitoring, telemetry technicians and clinicians can monitor patients via on-demand access from mobile devices and the web to maximize efficiency, identify patient deterioration quickly to accelerate intervention, and observe trends that impact outcomes.

Easy Access

AirStrip’s native mobile application works on both iOS and Android, eliminating the clunky VPN sign-on alternatives. Users can access waveforms with just a few clicks with biometric authentication in a secure environment. AirStrip Patient Monitoring is HIPAA compliant and patient information can only be accessed inside the hospital’s network by users approved by the hospital.

Access Multiple Sites

AirStrip Patient Monitoring is designed with usability in mind. Users only have to log in once to access all hospitals in the system. Users simply select the site they want to access, and can easily switch back and forth among sites, which saves time for users so they can focus on patient care.

Digital ECG Snippets

The process of printing paper strips, cutting, copying, labeling, and scanning creates waste, delays in care, inefficiencies in workflows, and increases the potential for error. WIth AirStrip Snippets, users can measure, review, acknowledge, and approve cardiac rhythm strips, all from mobile devices and the web.

Patients & Events Review List

AirStrip Patient Monitoring makes it easy to navigate among patients and events. With just a few clicks, users can view a patient census and associated alarms, which mitigates the risk of missing alarms.

Alarm Event Filtering

AirStrip Patient Monitoring provides an organized structure for clinicians to easily view alarmed events and historical waveforms so they can determine treatment plans based on patient status and alarm event history. Users can filter alarms by type and severity, view the most recent event at the top, and select a date to jump to events for that date.

Secure Communication

Efficient and timely communication is critical in emergency situations. With AirStrip Patient Monitoring users can send messages to other members of the clinical team and share a link to telemetry waveforms for review.

Multi-Day View

Users can see historic waveforms, trends, vitals, and response to treatments for current and discharged patients to uncover the reasons behind treatment decisions.

View Multiple Patients Simultaneously

Get a birds-eye view of up to forty patients on a single screen with the ability to group and sort by various criteria. Telemetry technicians and clinicians can view 4, 6, or 12 patients simultaneously, and can select an individual patient to see that patient’s data.

Adjust Waveform Colors

Users can customize waveform colors to easily identify patients with specific diagnoses. For example, colored waveforms can serve as visual cues to identify patients with arrhythmias, pacemakers, or DNR orders.

Benefit Breakdown


Improve response times in critical situations


Strengthen communication among the care team


Streamline clinician workflows


Facilitate timely remote consultation with specialists

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