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Pioneers in Healthcare Transformation

AirStrip makes transformational and lasting improvements in healthcare delivery by creating innovative technology for clinicians to collaborate and care for patients. We provide mobile-first clinical surveillance applications and alarm communication management technology that unlocks siloed clinical data and transforms it into contextually rich, actionable information to surface life-saving decisions that need to be made quickly. All of this with simple, one-touch access from native mobile applications and the web.

AirStrip's Vision

Our vision is to make transformational and lasting improvements in healthcare delivery by creating innovative technology for clinicians so they can collaborate and provide superior care to patients.

We believe healthcare can be improved by providing the right information at the right time to the right clinician. We work tirelessly to ensure that healthcare providers have easy access to the clinical data they need to care for their patients. We believe our solutions and services allow society to make bold leaps in improving the way healthcare is accessed and delivered.

AirStrip’s Values

We are driven by our commitment to deliver high-quality, innovative, and transformative solutions in healthcare. Our dedication and passion come from genuine concern for the lives we touch through our solutions and services.

We are problem solvers

We are passionate about addressing real-world challenges for clinicians and improving healthcare delivery and outcomes. We believe that forming deep partnerships with customers is the best way to advance our impact.

We thrive on creativity and innovation

Delivering transformative solutions often leads to unanticipated opportunities. Our teams work well under the high pressure of exploring new territory using cutting-edge tools. We adapt quickly to changing environments, embracing them with enthusiasm, creativity, and agility.

We act with integrity

Integrity and transparency are the foundation of our success.  We focus on developing solutions that solve real-world challenges for clinicians and improve care for patients. We expect integrity from ourselves, ensuring a high-level of trust from our partners and our customers.

We are accountable for quality and patient safety

We are dedicated to the lives our products touch. The decisions we make and the processes we implement are designed to produce excellence, quality, and patient safety.

We are customer-focused

We succeed only when our customers and end-users succeed. We are driven by our customers' needs and work hand-in-hand to provide solutions that inspire excitement and have meaningful impact on their mission of saving lives.

We achieve through teamwork and collaboration

We are committed to working as one toward shared goals. Our team is bright, responsible, imaginative, and open to opportunities to create innovative healthcare technology solutions that promote success for partners, customers, and clinicians. We recognize that the collective is more productive than any one person and we celebrate the knowledge and skills of our team, our partners, and our customers.

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