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Information Security Policy

"Security Vigilant"

What This Information Security Policy Covers
It is the policy of AirStrip Technologies Inc. to comply with the requirements of ISO 27001, inorder to ensure information security and the protection of all information entrusted to it as theresult of operations, its interface with customers, users, employees and contractors and the workproduct that it creates. AirStrip’s cybersecurity is focused to protect one of the Company’s mostimportant assets: information. Information security requires controls in order to ensureconfidentiality, ensure information is available to those with proper credentials, and maintainthe integrity of all data in use or archived. In order to facilitate the implementation of this policy,AirStrip will regularly evaluate and continually improve its cybersecurity controls to providenecessary security controls while maximizing information confidentiality, availability andintegrity of all parties who are authorized to access and use it.

This policy was last revised 2020/11/3.

Information Security Policy Document

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AirStrip Information Security Policy
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