Snippets: Cardiac Rhythm Strips

Transform Your Manual Cardiac Rhythm Strip Process with AirStrip's digital ECG Snippets


AirStrip Solves the Challenges of Manual Cardiac Rhythm Strips

Problem: Cardiologists and other providers must wait for cardiac rhythm strips to be printed, cut, copied, labeled, scanned, and uploaded to the EMR before they can review them, often resulting in delays in patient care.

Solution: AirStrip Snippets eliminates paper-based workflows and digitizes the documentation process into the EMR for capturing cardiac rhythms with the ability to use digital calipers, add clinical interpretations, and review and approve before saving to patient chart.

Impact: Mobile access to cardiac rhythm strips reduces administrative time, giving the care team fast access to the clinical data they need to better care for patients.

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Save Time and Decrease Costs by Going Digital

Clients have reported savings of $100,000 per hospital per year by digitizing the cardiac rhythm strips process with AirStrip Snippets. Check out our ROI calculator.

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