Alarm Management

Deliver Secondary Alerts to mobile caregivers through an enterprise class Alarm Management middleware system. Coming soon to the U.S. market.


See How AirStrip® Alarm Traffic Control Works - Coming soon to the US Market.

Problem: Alarm fatigue is one of the top challenges for hospitals. Sensory overload from excessive alarms and the inability to distinguish actionable alarms can cause delays in care.

Solution: AirStrip Alarm Traffic Control is an alarm management middleware technology that enables hospitals to digitize central monitoring units to triage and dispatch actionable alarms.

Impact: Caregivers receive actionable, targeted secondary alert notifications according to the workflow defined by the organization.

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Digitize Central Monitoring Units

  • Connect disparate alarm data
  • Notify the appropriate team about actionable alarms
  • Monitor the status of alarms
  • Track responses to alarms

Enterprise Management

  • Manage alarm workflow standards centrally with Flight Plans (coming soon to the U.S. market), bringing a next generation enterprise alarm workflow management model to your organization.
  • Flight plans provide all the advanced secondary alarm and alert workflow settings and configurations you'll need to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.
  • Unify your caregiver staff assignments under a single enterprise management model, no matter where the assignments are made today.

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