Maternal/Fetal Waveforms

Access Maternal and Fetal Waveforms on Mobile Devices and the Web


See How Mobile Maternal and Fetal Waveforms Work

Problem: Obstetricians and OB nurses are typically not with the patient until delivery is imminent, yet problems can arise during labor and delivery that require fast decision-making.

Solution: AirStrip Obstetrics provides secure, mobile access to maternal and fetal waveforms anytime, anywhere.

Impact: AirStrip Obstetrics enables clinicians to make visual interpretations and manage patient care, all on mobile devices when they cannot be at the bedside.

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Benefits of mobile access to maternal and fetal waveforms

  • Streamline workflows and improve outcomes
  • Facilitate timely remote consultation and improve access to specialists.
  • Enforce chain-of-command procedures when providers disagree on patient assessments or treatment plans.

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