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Digital ECG Snippets

Say Goodbye to Paper Strips

Information documentation requirements for patients undergoing telemetry include capturing cardiac rhythm strips (ECG strips) in the EMR. These strips serve as reference points for the clinical care team by providing a historical record of the patient’s progressing status.
The process of printing paper strips, cutting, copying, labeling, and scanning these documents creates waste, delays in care, inefficiencies in workflow, and increases the potential for error. The telemetry team is forced to play ‘arts and crafts’ instead of spending time directly delivering patient care.  Our clients have reported historical costs of $99/bed and personnel costs of $578/bed with risks to accuracy of the intervals estimating a savings of $100,000/hospital per year. This may vary depending on patient mix at the particular hospital. While every hospital has its own workflow and staffing aspects to consider, the typical cost of a paper-to-electronic process can be conservatively estimated on a ‘per-bed, per-year’ basis using this formula:
AirStrip provides a digital process of capturing ECG strips, utilizing calipers, adding notes, and securely transmitting the strips to the EMR and other clinicians in a PDF format, with an HL7 header that includes the patient context. AirStrip ONE® for Patient Monitoring provides paperless documentation and communication of ECG strips for ICU and telemetry care teams and their patients.
  • AirStrip ECG snippets functionality can be accessed on both mobile devices and laptops/desktops
  • Eliminating the digital/analog/digital process that consumes so many hours of nursing staff/monitor technicians manually scanning, gluing, and documenting
  • Ensuring that the correct ECG strip is entered into the correct patient’s historical medical record
  • Allowing for repurposing of operational dollars, including staff time/resources, to engage in more meaningful tasks related to patient condition/care
  • Enabling nurses to consult with a cardiologist and send a link to the rhythm strip via ePHI-compliant secure messaging within AirStrip, for the nurse and physician to simultaneously review
  • Giving physicians the ability to remotely view rhythm snippet via static view or live monitor
  • Streamlining the process of securely making actionable data available more quickly to clinical teams anywhere/anytime via mobile device application
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