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Mobile 12-Lead ECG Access

Immediately View, Compare, Edit & Confirm ECGs

Prompt access to patient ECGs in the EMR supports timely clinical decision-making.
Typically, ECGs are only available in the EMR once a cardiologist reads and confirms the ECG. This can lead to delays in the availability of results.
AirStrip provides the ability to edit and confirm an initial machine-generated ECG interpretation, along with bi-directional interoperability, or writing back, to the data source (GE MUSE® ECG Management System). AirStrip provides immediate access to the 12 lead ECG for clinical decision making by the full team. Each provider can view the 12-lead simultaneously and develop a care plan. The edit/confirm function also allows the cardiologist to render a final interpretation of the ECG from their mobile device to send back to GE MUSE, utilizing the same statement library. Since many EHRs only allow final results to be reviewed, access to the initial 12-lead is now quickly available to downstream providers. Moreover, since this patient will likely undergo serial ECGs, this finalized ECG can now be included in the serial display along with the subsequent ECGs.
  • Creates a ‘virtual bedside,’ enabling extensive, immediate and secure distribution of clinical information to all necessary providers
  • Decentralized patient data distribution promotes communication and care coordination among providers and across networks
  • Allows final assessment by the cardiologist and billing to proceed from GE MUSE to the patient accounting system
  • AirStrip provides visual enhancement, interactivity, and near real-time delivery of ECGs – all critical factors in promoting faster recovery for ICU patients.
  • Timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment leads to better clinical outcomes, fostering wellness and enhancing recovery.
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