AirStrip® Alarm Traffic Control

An Innovative Clinical Alarm Management Middleware Platform. Coming soon to the U.S. market.


A New Way to Manage Clinical Alarms

AirStrip Alarm Traffic Control is an enterprise class alarm management solution with powerful tools to effectively manage secondary alarms and alerts.

AirStrip® AirStreams

MDI Integration Library

Integrate disparate data sources into one view

  • AirStrip AirStreams (coming soon to the U.S. market) integrates and translates data from your medical devices to HL7, JSON or to a SQL database for alarms and numerics.
  • Use the AirStrip infrastructure already in place.
  • Access the full integration library.
  • Feed your existing HL7 engine.
AirStrip® Alarm Blackbox

Alarm Analytics

Trends impact clinical design

Alarm Blackbox (coming soon to the U.S. market) provides visibility of trends in alarm volumes.

  • Clinicians and hospital leadership can review all alarm data integrated into Alarm Traffic Control
  • Empower hospital leadership with reports that will help measure key alarm management performance indicators
AirStrip® Flight Plans

Workflow Rules Engine

Configure alarm settings without vendor assistance

AirStrip Flight Plans (coming soon to the U.S. market) allows for enterprise management of clinical alarm workflows while still providing specific customizations where appropriate.

  • Enterprise configuration of alarm workflow settings
  • Drive care standards across care areas using hospital-wide alarm and notification escalation settings
  • Support unit-level overrides for patient populations that require different alarm settings and define automated notification, triage, and escalation workflows by alarm type
  • Access to priority levels to add audio and visual context for the care team
AirStrip® AirCommand™

Central Monitoring Unit and Command Center

Triage and dispatch alarms and provide visibility

AirCommand (coming soon to the U.S. market) provides an accurate, actionable view of alarms for your central monitoring unit.

  • Dispatch actionable alarms to clinicians on the floor while simplifying central monitoring visibility to responses and confirmations
  • View waveforms live or at a specific point in time
  • Automate alarm event snippet documentation to the EHR
  • Replace inefficient calling workflows with alarm management workflows
AirStrip® Flight Tracker

Visibility to Every Event and Every Escalation

View alarm event audit for visibility of clinical responses

AirStrip Flight Tracker (coming soon to the U.S. market) provides a bird’s eye view of all alarm audit trails with the ability to drill down into the details of each alarm.

  • Provide visibility to alarm workflows with notification audit trails
  • Track current active alarms with near real time updates
  • Get quick status views for alarms and alerts
  • Sort and filter alert events for more granular visibility

AirStrip AirStreams is an MDI library that delivers alarms, numerics, and waveform data to the places your clinicians need it the most.


AirStrip Flight Plans allow for enterprise management of alarms with unit-level customization.


AirStrip AirCommand includes an alarm dashboard to start, track, and confirm alarm messages to providers’ mobile devices.


AirStrip Alarm Traffic Control includes automated notifications and a rules engine that integrates users' responses into alarm workflows.

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