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Remote Patient Waveforms

24/7 Mobile Access to ICU/Telemetry Patient Invasive Monitoring Data

Subspecialists with telemetry unit or ICU patients –including cardiac, transplant and neurosurgeons, as well as cardiologists and pulmonologists – must often make timely and well-informed patient care decisions regardless of their physical location.
Subspecialists are often unable to be physically present in the telemetry unit or ICU on a regular basis, and lack the ability to review patient status themselves. Doctors may also have to wait for the patient's nurse to become available. This can contribute to delayed decision-making and less frequent communication.

A recent Joint Commission Sentinel Alert identified that "a common problem regarding (patient) handoffs, or handovers, centers on communication.” (1) In addition, the ECRI Institute lists internal care coordination among the top 10 patient safety concerns in 2018, noting that many preventable errors in healthcare, including diagnostic delays, are the result of a failure to communicate. (2)
(1) Sentinel Alert on Inadequate hand-off communication (September 12, 2017)
• View Published Sentinel Alert
(2) ECRI Institute
Using AirStrip ONE®, clinicians have the ability to review patient status via on-demand, mobile access. Using a smartphone, laptop or desktop, clinicians armed with AirStrip ONE® can review patient data for their patients in the telemetry unit or ICU. Near real-time monitor tracings, hemodynamic status and vital signs are all accessible virtually anywhere and anytime using AirStrip ONE® without requiring clinicians to be at the bedside. (1) In addition, nurses can send arrhythmias to the provider via secure text to identify issues of concern.
(1) AirStrip makes no guarantees or warranties relative to the quality and availability of cellular, WiFi or other internet connectivity.
  • Enables stronger care collaboration between physicians and nurses
  • Ensures that all clinical care team members are fully aware of their patient’s condition, which supports smoother patient handoffs
  • Allows clinicians to access live monitoring data on demand to check on their patients.
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