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Unique and Powerful Analytics Capabilities

Unique and Powerful Analytics Capabilities

AirStrip® Adds Unique and Powerful Analytics Capabilities to Enrich Virtual Acute Care Platform via Partnership with Fifth Eye™

Fifth Eye’s AHI System™ adds the industry’s first and only FDA cleared software to predict hemodynamic instability ahead of vital signs to the AirStrip ONE® in-hospital platform.

Ann Arbor, MI and San Antonio, TX, April 5, 2022 - Fifth Eye™, a provider of intuitive real-time clinical analytics, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with AirStrip®, the leading developer of an enterprise-grade platform for comprehensive medical data interoperability, analytics, and mobile visualization. The partnership includes a strategic investment by AirStrip into Fifth Eye, as well as the integration and reselling of Fifth Eye’s AHI System™ for real-time detection and prediction of hemodynamic instability into the AirStrip® ONE platform for in-hospital surveillance.

AirStrip helps health systems unlock the full potential of their existing medical technology infrastructure with its industry-leading interoperability platform, AirStrip ONE, which provides clinicians with seamless access to near-real-time clinical and physiologic data - when and where they need it - via secure access controlled by the health system.

Fifth Eye’s AHI System brings new information to the AirStrip ONE platform with the same ease of access. The AHI System detects, trends, and predicts first episodes of hemodynamic instability 48 minutes ahead of vital signs. And since data is automatically collected and updated every two minutes, AHI reduces the surveillance burden on the nursing staff while providing access to new and valuable information to help them confidently prioritize their time.

“We are excited to deepen our relationship with AirStrip, an industry-leader in interoperability,” said Jen Baird, CEO of Fifth Eye. “Clinicians need access to clinically actionable information, while simultaneously reducing the time and effort required to collect, record, and interpret data. Our partnership with AirStrip will enable forward thinking health systems to more quickly deliver the information that clinicians need to improve outcomes and reduce their surveillance burden.”

“With persistent high patient census and ongoing staffing challenges, clinicians are being asked to do more with less,” said Alan Portela, CEO of AirStrip. “Our AirStrip ONE platform and advanced virtual surveillance tools are designed to increase clinical staff productivity, clinical communications, and to empower clinicians to focus on acute patient care with actionable information - available anytime and anywhere.”

“In Fifth Eye, we see a complementary partner that can enhance the value that we bring to healthcare providers,” continued Mr. Portela. “Fifth Eye has demonstrated momentum with their recent FDA clearance for the second-generation AHI System, and with the positive feedback that they have received from hospitals in which they are deployed. We decided the time was right to make a strategic investment in Fifth Eye which we are announcing today.”

The AHI System is available for inpatient care settings today and deployable rapidly. If the customer already has AirStrip ONE deployed, the AHI System can connect into that deployment and go live in just a few days.

About AirStrip

AirStrip ONE® offers solutions that allow hundreds of health systems to unlock the full potential of their existing medical technology infrastructure investments with an interoperability platform that provides seamless access to clinical data and mobile actionable insights across the care continuum using remote access or web access granted by the health system. It features mobile diagnostic quality cardiac waveform viewing and sophisticated mobile fetal surveillance, providing clinicians with near-real-time contextual and clinically relevant data for situational awareness.

Wesley Hartline
SVP of Business Development, Revenue Growth

About Fifth Eye Inc.

Fifth Eye Inc. is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company that develops intuitive, real-time clinical analytics based on physiologic waveforms to improve outcomes and reduce costs. The AHI System™ is the first and only FDA cleared clinical decision support software that continuously predicts the risk of hemodynamic instability earlier than vital signs. AI-powered AHI extracts information embedded in a Lead II ECG signal alone – no manual or other inputs required. Fifth Eye's machine-learning technology is licensed from the University of Michigan. For more information, please visit

Fifth Eye
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