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Alarm Management

Reduce Alarm Fatigue. Improve Patient Safety.

Physiologic monitoring is standard practice in telemetry, progressive and critical care settings. Alarms are pervasive in these settings, alerting clinicians to deviations from a predetermined ‘normal’ status.
A patient in an ICU bed may prompt a physiologic monitoring alarm hundreds of times in a single 24-hour period. This can include false or nuisance alarms that do not require immediate attention, but are still a distraction. (1)

Over time, this can lead to ‘alarm fatigue,’ which presents a serious challenge for health systems, particularly those operating with antiquated technology. Ignored or missed alarms can compromise patient safety.

The Joint Commission has cited the need to address alarm fatigue as a national patient safety goal, requiring accredited and critical access hospitals to update their systems accordingly.
(1) Siebig S, Kuhls S, Imhoff M, Gather U, Schölmerich J, Wrede CE. Intensive care unit alarms—how many do we need? Crit Care Med. 2010;38(2):451-456
AirStrip leverages a site installed, third-party alarm routing and filtering system and a secure mobile device provider to deliver a nursing workflow and an alarm filtering solution. Clinicians use site-issued mobile devices installed with AirStrip ONE®. The site's third-party alarm management application launches AirStrip One®, which clinicians can use to ‘View Alarm,’ with the option to ‘Acknowledge,’ ‘Escalate,’ or ‘View Waveform’ for a direct look at the monitored event that prompted the alarm. Nurses have anytime access to live and up to 72-hour historical waveforms/trends, can interact with waveforms using pinch and zoom functionality, and can isolate individual trends.
  • The potential to reduce alarm fatigue levels among the clinical care team
  • Strengthen communication of patient condition/need for intervention
  • Improve patient safety
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