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What we do and what can you expect from us

We have worked with the largest health systems in the U.S. to identify the most beneficial uses of AirStrip solutions based on three categories:


Support organizational goals such as physician alignment and patient satisfaction.


Improve outcomes and strengthen the quality, structure, consistency, and process of care delivery.


Save money via workflow and communication improvements- decrease risk of miscommunication.
Information technology alone does not improve outcomes or produce value. That is why our customers see the largest return on their investment by first identifying specific ‘painpoints.’ Please visit our Workflow Scenarios below to read the highest value use cases achieved by our customers in these care categories:
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Cardiology
  • Telemetry
  • Critical Care
  • Operating Room
  • Procedural anesthesia

Workflow Scenarios

Leveraging AirStrip ONE® in your Organization

Digital ECG Snippets

Say Goodbye to Paper Strips

AirStrip provides a digital process of capturing ECG strips, utilizing calipers, adding notes, and transmitting the strips to the EMR and other clinicians in a PDF format, with an HL7 header that includes thepatient context. AirStrip ONE® for Patient Monitoring provides paperless documentation and communication of ECG strips for ICU and telemetry care teams and their patients.

Remote Patient Waveforms

24/7 Mobile Access to ICU/Telementry Patient Invasive Monitoring

Using AirStrip ONE, clinicians have the ability to review patient status via on-demand mobile access. Using a smartphone, laptop or desktop, clinicians armed with AirStrip ONE® can monitor their patients on the telemetry unit or in the ICU. Near real-time monitor tracings, hemodynamic status and vital signs are all accessible virtually anywhere and anytime using AirStrip ONE® without requiring clinicians to be at the bedside.

STEMI Notification

Save Minutes. Save Muscle. Save Money.

AirStrip provides live ECG access on mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Putting the right data in the right hands at the right time allows the entire care team - including cardiologists and the on-call STEMI team - to have the same access to vital patient information, regardless of location, to support faster, more informed decision-making.

Mobile 12-Lead ECG Access

Immediately View, Compare, Edit & Confirm ECGs

AirStrip provides the ability to edit and confirm an initial machine-generated ECG interpretation, along with bi-directional interoperability, or writing back, to the data source (GE MUSE ECG Management System). AirStrip provides immediate access to the 12-lead ECG for clinical decision making by the full team. Each provider can viewthe 12-lead simultaneously and develop a care plan.

Maternal / Fetal Waveforms

See the Strip on Demand

AirStrip ONE® for Obstetrics provides anywhere, anytime access for physicians to review concerning waveform patterns, bedside alarms, or other patient data. AirStrip enables physicians to make a visual interpretation, engage in collaborative discussion, and render an opinion on safe and effective patient management, all on their mobile device.

Electronic ECG Management in the ED

Support and Track Notification/Acknowledge Workflow

AirStrip ONE® supports an enhanced of ECG management workflow items and tools including the ability to see whether an order is associated with a given ECG. There are visual cued indicating ECG status and clear indications where ECGS need to be signed. Physicians can expand the ECG view to see 'all ECGs' on the dashboard which is actively updating, including the time that the most recent update occurred.

Experts in Healthcare Innovation

Our vision is to make transformational and lasting improvements in worldwide healthcare delivery by creating innovative technology for caregivers to connect with and care for others.

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Our clients, partners and investors are innovators and visionaries that recognize the power of interoperable mobility to transform healthcare.


We value each and every one of our customers. We have worked with numerous organizations, providing solutions for their healthcare challenges and daily patient care needs.


Our partners are instrumental in AirStrip's ability to develop specific solutions that address challenges in the changing healthcare technology market.