Technical Support Services

Round-the-clock technical support ensures the reliability of AirStrip® solutions. Our U.S.-based Technical Support Team is always standing by when you need expert assistance in real time.

We understand the importance of our mobility solutions to your clinicians and patients. That’s why AirStrip has invested in a Technical Support organization that goes above and beyond to keep you up and running, day in and day out:

24x7x365 Support

Whenever you need assistance we’re here for you, via telephone or email. Even when all of our technicians are busy, you can expect a timely response—typically in a matter of minutes.

Expert Assistance

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, our Technical Support Center is staffed by technicians trained in AirStrip products. They are prepared to provide immediate assistance with a wide variety of system questions and issues.

Attentive, Personal Service

Our Technical Support Team treats customers the way they should be treated. If a team member cannot provide the answer you need, they are committed to providing a “warm handoff” to someone who can.

Proactive System Monitoring

The best time to catch a problem is before it becomes a problem. That’s why we proactively monitor your AirStrip system implementation to identify and rectify potential issues before they can impact users.

Your clinicians rely on live, interactive patient data to make decisions. You can rely on our responsive Technical Support Team to help keep that data flowing, around the clock.