AirStrip ONE®

The first complete, enterprise-wide clinical mobility solution.

AirStrip ONE® sets the industry standard for enterprise-wide clinical mobility. It can transform the practice of healthcare by giving clinicians access to patient information anytime, anywhere—improving clinical decision-making, collaboration and coordination across the care continuum.

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Bringing It All Together

AirStrip ONE® combines clinical information from disparate data sources into a single, intuitive user experience that delivers: 

  • Live patient data, including waveforms and vitals, in near real-time
  • Contextual data, including EMR and patient information from multiple sources
  • Secure communication, expediting care coordination among clinicians 


Modular Capabilities

AirStrip ONE® tiles enable you to tailor information to the specific needs of users across your health system.  

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Complete solution

AirStrip ONE® provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for clinical mobility, including:

  • Core Mobility Platform that seamlessly connects healthcare data from diverse sources to mobile devices from multiple vendors
  • Clinical Capabilities that deliver live and historic patient information, tailored to specific clinical needs
  • AirStrip Accelerator Services™ to help drive and maintain clinical adoption and healthcare transformation, and to measure the impact

Open And Flexible

AirStrip ONE® is vendor-and platform-neutral and data source-agnostic.

It shatters barriers between disparate data sources, systems and devices to provide a more complete picture of patient health.

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