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Top 6 Healthcare Apps That Will Benefit Hospitals, Doctors, and Patients

January 04, 2019

The Future of Things ranks what it calls 'essential' mHealth applications.

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Technology Is Improving Accessibility to Patient Vitals

December 14, 2018

Learn more about the all-digital AirStrip solution that eliminates the need to print heart rhythm strips onto paper, saving time and improving patient care.

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Leveraging Customer Feedback to Drive Successful HIT Partnerships

December 06, 2018

Why is ongoing subjective feedback vital to a successful working relationship? Health Data Answers has details. 

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Harnessing Early Adopters in Health IT

November 28, 2018

Learn why early adopters offer substantial value in health IT implementation. Learn three ways to identify them, via HITECH Answers.

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The Measurement of Healthcare Quality

October 30, 2018

Writing on RCM Answers, AirStrip Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs Lillie Thomas on the role customers play in driving quality.

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Engaging Your Consumer: The New Wave of Healthcare Business

October 25, 2018

AirStrip Chief Financial Officer Angela Pierce examines the growing importance of patients as consumers for RCM Answers. 

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