The benefits of AirStrip® mobility

Our comprehensive, enterprise clinical mobility solution offers significant benefits for healthcare provider organizations, for clinicians, and for their patients. AirStrip solutions:

  • Address strategic healthcare needs, can help improve quality of care, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance competitiveness
  • Expedite clinical decisions by enabling clinicians to access, interpret and respond to diagnostic-quality patient health data—anytime, anywhere
  • Shatter barriers between disparate data sources from multiple vendors, enabling a more complete picture of patient health
  • Speak each user’s language, displaying information according to their role or specialty, while providing a “single source of truth” that can improve multi-disciplinary communication
  • Help drive collaboration, care coordination, and clinical transformation across the continuum of care—from outpatient to inpatient to community, clinic and home
  • Simplify mobility with clinical applications that are easy to use, encouraging adoption
  • Offer rigorous accuracy and accountability with the first suite of FDA-cleared and CE-marked applications for mobile patient monitoring
  • Deliver measurable results that AirStrip analyzes and reports on through  specialized services and analytics
  • Are proven in practice, delivering measurable value every day for hundreds of leading hospitals and health systems nationwide
  • Are backed by the healthcare mobility leader, combining deep clinical and technological expertise, with multiple patents in the U.S. and other global markets