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Biomedical Research and Development Lab Technician
Position Summary
Lab Technicians work alongside other teams to support research and development efforts to build products that interface with various biomedical vendor’s equipment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Operating medical diagnostic machines
• Installing and maintaining equipment to be used in a clinical-analog setting
• Providing technical support for biomedical equipment
• Assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of biomedical equipment
• Working alongside Development teams to interface with biomedical systems and equipment
• Working with Testing teams to develop and support clinical scenarios and workflows
• Training other personnel to use equipment properly
• Writing documentation and procedures for lab and biomedical equipment
• Other duties assigned by manager

Experience in a clinical setting and/or Information Technology are preferred, but not
required. Good backgrounds for this role include but are not limited to:

• Biomedical Engineer
• Nursing / Nursing Informatics
• Respiratory Therapist
• Monitor Technician
• Obstetrics Clinician
• Helpdesk Technician / IT Support
• QA Engineer
• Computer Scientist

Minimum Qualifications
• 2+ years of software industry experience
• 1+ years of experience interacting with all levels of management and stakeholders, must be able to articulate technical concepts and solutions to both a deeply technical and non-technical audience.
• Previous JIRA and Confluence experience preferred
• Previous Healthcare IT experience preferred

Role in the Quality and Information Security Management System
• Primary Role QMS Development (Section 7.3)
• Role ISMS: Requirements (A.14.1.1)

Travel Requirement

Education / Certification Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or Engineering preferred

Work Environment
Office environment or remote

Physical Demands
Sit, stand, and be able to lift 40lbs

Created on:
March 10, 2022
San Antonio, TX (Office or Remote)
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