Clinical transformation

To remain economically sustainable, health systems must transform the way they deliver care. That's often easier said than done. AirStrip® provides the expertise and guidance to help you achieve meaningful clinical transformation—and create lasting value—by tapping the full potential of healthcare mobility in your institution.

AirStrip's Clinical Transformation Team has a clear understanding of the issues surrounding clinical and business model transformation. Based on an in-depth review of your institution—from physician organization structure to competition to risk, safety, and outcomes metrics—we work with executives, clinicians, IT, and other key stakeholders to:

  • Define short- and long-term strategic transformation goals
  • Identify opportunities for improving processes, quality, and efficiency
  • Enhance integration and utilization of AirStrip solutions in clinical workflows
  • Improve alignment of people, process, and technology to achieve the full benefits of AirStrip mobility
  • Develop clinical champions throughout the health system to promote adoption
  • Drive continuous improvement and validate the mobility value proposition through impact analysis

Ideally, the Clinical Transformation Team is actively engaged during the initial "groundwork" phase, while preliminary planning is underway at your institution.

Following your AirStrip deployment, our Clinical Transformation Team will support sustained change management of all clinical workflows to drive continuous improvement.