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Patient Data You Need • Anywhere, AnytimeTM

Interoperable technology is the driving principle behind the AirStrip ONE® digital healthcare platform.
  • Improve workflows
  • Strengthen care team communication
  • Create value
  • Transform clinical care
Using industry standard encryption and security measures, AirStrip ONE® is used by clinical care teams on mobile devices, laptops and desktops to monitor patients throughout the care delivery system. Accessible patient data includes:
  • Live waveforms
  • Monitoring data
  • Clinical notes
  • Lab results
  • Radiographic images*
  • Other clinical information
AirStrip ONE® removes barriers to better care by accessing disparate monitoring systems, data and devices from different locations across the healthcare enterprise. The result: clinicians have a more complete picture of the patient’s condition at the moment of care - anywhere and anytime.

AirStrip ONE® is both vendor and data source agnostic, providing clinical data visualization, decision support, and data management in a single comprehensive view. No more searching for the information you need, or toggling between a host of different vendor apps to gather patient data and communicate with the rest of the clinical care team.  AirStrip ONE® aggregates all relevant data on one home screen to seamlessly connect information, people and workflows across the continuum of care using your existing technology investments.

AirStrip ONE® is FDA-cleared and adopted by leading health systems across the U.S. and international markets:
  • AirStrip has been used in 2.3 million sessions at 300 hospitals
  • More than 4 million births have been monitored using AirStrip over the last decade
The simple and intuitive tile-based  AirStrip ONE® interface can integrate a host of available modules.
*Radiographic images are provided by a third-party, partner provider.
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For Professional Use Only
AirStrip ONE® is intended for use by professional medical personnel. This product is to be installed by AirStrip Technologies Professional Services personnel only, For complete information about Intended Use, contact AirStrip Technologies via telephone at +1 (210) 805-0444 or via e-mail at Direct printing of ECG tracings is not supported. Measurements should not be taken from printouts; however they are obtained. AirStrip ONE® is not intended to sound alarms.