Frequently Asked Questions

Has the AirStrip ONE® mobility platform solution received regulatory review and clearance?

Yes. AirStrip ONE medical devices are cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be marketed in the United States. AirStrip ONE medical devices are also CE Marked to market its mobile patient monitoring platform in the European Community and other international territories, demonstrating that it conforms to international requirements, including ISO standards.

What devices can physicians use to access AirStrip ONE® clinical solutions?

The current list of supported devices is accessible on the Supported Devices page.

How does a physician load AirStrip ONE® clinical solutions onto a handheld device?

The physician should contact his/her IT department to determine if AirStrip ONE is available for use at the hospital site. If available, the physician will need to obtain a user ID and password from the IT department, obtain a supported mobile device with an active data plan, then register at the AirStrip website to obtain the application software. Installing the application onto the device is simple, generally taking less than 10 minutes to complete.

Medical professionals who meet these requirements and use an Apple or Android device can download AirStrip ONE from their respective App Store.

What services does AirStrip® offer?

Our AirStrip Accelerator Services™ provide the expertise and analysis to help you realize the full value of your AirStrip ONE® enterprise mobility solution. Our experienced team works with you through the entire solution lifecycle—from pre-sale assessment and baselining to implementation and impact analysis—to accelerate time-to-benefit and ensure sustained rewards.

To learn more, visit our Services and Support page.

What must hospitals install to use AirStrip ONE® solutions?

Depending on the application, the hospital must have a patient monitoring and clinical information system that interfaces to the AirStrip ONE Core Mobility Platform. The hospital must purchase from AirStrip® the downloaded software interface for their physicians in order to operate the system using existing hospital IT infrastructure.

What technical support is available for AirStrip ONE® solutions?

AirStrip® technical support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a toll-free phone number. You can expect a timely response from our U.S.-based Technical Support Team, which is trained to provide immediate assistance with system questions and issues. Proactive system monitoring is designed to catch potential problems before they impact users.

To learn more, visit our Technical Support page.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to run AirStrip ONE® solutions on my mobile device?

Yes. By utilizing a cell phone connection through a data plan for the device, AirStrip ONE accesses the Internet to establish a connection with the hospital network to receive the patient data, which is displayed on a mobile handheld device. Connectivity to the hospital network may be accomplished through three different methods: standard cellular connection; Bluetooth®; or Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11™). The method used to establish connectivity depends on the handheld device and the hospital network infrastructure.