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Why Mobile Health Tech Is So Much More Than Fitness Apps

August 24, 2015

Buzinga reports on how innovative solutions such as AirStrip ONE are paving the way for "improvements in the access, efficiency and reliability of health care."

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At the University of Utah, Taking Prenatal Monitoring Out of the Hospital

August 05, 2015

Healthcare Informatics reports on a study examining the impact of the AirStrip Sense4Baby wireless maternal/fetal monitoring system on high-risk pregnancies.

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Catalyze Healthcare Innovation Interview with Alan Portela

August 04, 2015

Alan Portela and Travis Good, MD – CEO of Catalyze -explore the issues of continuous disruption and the pressing need for interoperability in healthcare.

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Blog Talk Radio – Connected Health San Diego: Meet AirStrip CEO Alan Portela

July 09, 2015

In this audio interview, Alan Portela shares his insights on meaningful use and the real obstacles to advancing digital healthcare innovation.

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The San Diego News-Tribune – Cash Coming to Companies that Export

June 30, 2015

AirStrip is among 15 San Diego area companies getting a financial boost to increase their exports.

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San Antonio Express News – AirStrip Breaking Into New Markets Outside of Hospitals

May 17, 2015

Dr. Matt Patterson predicts a day will soon come when patients having chest pains can be evaluated remotely for signs of a heart attack without ever leaving their homes.

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