AirStrip Acquires Sense4Baby Assets

AirStrip®, the leading provider of mobile healthcare solutions that drive clinical transformation, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets of Sense4Baby, Inc., and licensed the associated technology from the Gary and Mary West Health Institute.

Patient data from the Sense4Baby™ system will be mobilized using AirStrip ONE® – the industry’s first enterprise-wide interoperable mobility solution. The process of integrating Sense4Baby into AirStrip ONE is now actively underway. Sense4Baby will ultimately be an invaluable component of a comprehensive AirStrip ONE offering in Women’s Health.

The acquisition by AirStrip will initially allow women to undergo non-stress testing to monitor fetal and maternal heart rate and contraction patterns using non-invasive sensors at physicians’ offices, clinics and ambulances. Future plans for the Sense4Baby technology include seeking FDA clearance for home-based monitoring.

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