AirStrip Accelerator Services™

Realizing the full value of your mobility solution takes careful planning and execution at every step. AirStrip Accelerator Services provide that support, helping you rapidly achieve your strategic mobility goals—and quantify their impact on your institution’s clinical and business performance.

AirStrip Accelerator Services begin with pre-sale evaluation of your strategic objectives and current processes, proceed through AirStrip® implementation, and continue through the entire solution lifecycle to support rapid time-to-benefit and sustained rewards.

AirStrip Accelerator Services

Advanced Analytics

AirStrip Analytics provide the business intelligence needed to drive continuous performance improvement. We use live, historical, and trended digital data on the patient population and mobile clinician interactions to create a knowledge base and insight that provides you with a roadmap for transforming care through mobility.  Whether it’s cost containment, Meaningful Use compliance or clinical effectiveness, we help you monitor and manage progress collaboratively.

Rapid Implementation

Based on a thorough understanding of your clinical and business goals, your workflows, and your IT environment, we tailor an AirStrip implementation that gets you up and running quickly, while minimizing disruptions.

Clinical Adoption

The flexibility of the AirStrip ONE® solution enables us to scale solutions to the needs and preferences of clinicians, which can encourage adoption and continued use.

Ongoing Measurement

AirStrip provides ongoing monitoring, measurement, and reporting to help ensure you are meeting or exceeding your institution’s performance metrics. We track financial, clinical, and regulatory results—such as meaningful use compliance and reimbursement—to validate the successful achievement of your goals.

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